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Bannerghatta National Park

About Bannerghatta National Park
The Bannerghatta National Park, situated in the south Indian state of Karnataka was established in the year 1971 and includes ten reserve forests of the Anekal Range. The hills surrounding the forest are dotted with temples and the park boasts of a rich variety of flora and fauna. Situated at an altitude of 3375 ft., the uneven terrain is interspersed with valleys, streams and other scenic spots. The park is open throughout the year for visitors while the best time to visit the place is between mid-June and August when the place is at its greenest and provides a beautiful eye soothing spectacle.

The best time to spot wild animals however is between the months of November and June.

A downside about the place is that its close proximity to a major metro has created problems of growing industrialisation and urbanisation. Incidents of poisoning of animals have been a major concern for the park authorities.

Wildlife Attractions in Bannerghatta National Park
The Bannerghatta Biological Park (BBP) is the area where the forest department has kept lions and tigers rescued over the years from circuses. The area is of major interest to the visitors and more than 10 lakh tourists throng the place every year.

Some of the major animals found in the region include elephant, bonnet macaque, cheetal, muntjac, slow loris, wild boar, porcupine, fox and three striped palm squirrel.

The park is also home to a myriad variety of avian population. In fact, there are over 200 species of birds found in the park which include honey buzzard, great horned owl, spotted owlet, purple sunbird, loten's sun bird and the small green barbet.

Safari options abound in the park. The forest department offers a number of safaris including the grand safari which covers all the four enclosures of the park. Other safaris include the tiger and lion safari, elephant joy ride and a short trek. Safaris are also offered by the jungle lodges. Timings for the safaris are 10AM to 4:30PM.

Other Attractions
Pearl Valley
Situated around 25 km from the park is the beautiful pearl valley. A popular picnic spot, the area is surrounded by thick vegetation which still harbours some wild animals. 280 steps cut into the rock lead to the bottom of the valley where an ancient Shiva temple is to be seen.

India's first dance village, the Nrityagram is situated just 32 km from the park. The spring festival held at the place in February each year witnesses culture enthusiasts from Bangalore and other cities come to the place in large numbers.

How to Get There
By Air : Bangalore is the nearest airport. Jet Airways flies to Bangalore from Chennai (10:05, Daily), from Delhi (6:35, 9:50, 17:50, Daily), from Goa (14:15, Daily) and from Kolkata (6:50, 14:00, Daily).

By Rail : Bangalore is the nearest railhead, connected by daily trains from Delhi : Karnataka Exp. (21:15), from Mumbai : Coimbatore Exp. (22:30), Udayan Exp. (8:05) and from Chennai : Bangalore Mail (23:15), Mysore Exp. (21:45)

By Road : To reach from Bangalore, follow the Bannerghatta road to south Bangalore. It is best to take one of the regularly plying state transport buses or hire a taxi to reach the park.

Distances from Major Cities
Bangalore : 23 km (S)
Mysore : 125 km (NE)
Delhi : 1753 km
Mumbai : 848 km

Travel Tips/Important Information
  • The core zones of the park are closed for the visitors and you will have to drive on for another 5 km to the Bannerghatta Biological Park, which is open to visitors.
  • The BBP has a zoo (timings : 9AM to 5PM), which houses various species of mammals, reptiles and birds. A museum and auditorium provide information about the park.
  • Tickets to the zoo and safaris can be obtained from the BBP office near the entry gates.
  • Other attractions worth a thought are the Reptile Park, Mirza Hill, Butterfly Park, Hajjamana Kallu and Uddigebende.
  • Do not pollute the environs by throwing plastic bags and other waste material.

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