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Eravikulam National Park

About Eravikulam National Park
The beautiful Eravikulam National Park is situated in the high ranges of the southern western ghats, a short distance from the tea town of Munnar. The place is especially known for supporting a large population of the Nilgiri tahr, a mountain goat seen in parts of south India.

Once a hunting reserve for the British, the place was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1975 and further accorded the status of a national park in 1978. The lush green surroundings are the result of the abundant rainfall that it receives. Temperatures may dip below the freezing point at night time during winters.

The park remains open for visitors throughout the year except for a small period between January and March. The best time to visit the park are the months of September and October, when the entire area is covered with greenery and blooming flowers and which is also the best time for animal spotting.

Wildlife Attractions in Eravikulam National Park
The national park has a large variety of flora and fauna with over 26 species of mammals, 132 species of birds, 101 species of butterflies, 19 species of amphibians and 20 species of orchids already registered in the park books.

Besides the Nilgiri tahr, other fauna found in the park includes the elephant, Nilgiri langur, Nilgiri marten, small-clawed otter and a rare tiger or leopard. Avian residents register their presence with over hundred species including the Nilgiri wood pigeon, Kerala laughing thrush and the white bellied shortwing. Other added attractions of the place are the beautiful and colorful butterflies and the blooming orchids.

Vehicles are not allowed inside the sanctuary. Tourists have the option of walking from the Rajamallay checkpost up to the core area of the park. While walking, keep an eye for the tahr. An interpretation centre is located near the checkpost.

Other Attractions
Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary
A good option for wildlife buffs looking for an extended dose of wildlife from that available in Eravikulam is the chinnar wildlife sanctuary. Situated at a short distance from Eravikulam, the sanctuary is a good place to spot the mighty Indian gaur and spotted deer along with other variety of animals.

How to Get There
By Air : Kochi is the nearest airport. Indian Airlines connects the place with regular flights from Delhi (8:00, Daily), from Mumbai (11:05, Daily), (15:45, Mon, Tue, Thu, Sat), from Bangalore (12:45, Daily) and Chennai (12:55, Mon, Fri), (14:40, Wed, Fri, Sun), (18:30, Tue, Thu, Sat).

By Rail : Ernakulam is the nearest railhead, connected to Delhi : Mngla Lksdp Exp. (9:55), Kerala Exp. (11:30), Mumbai : Mngla Lksdp Exp. (8:50), Kanyakumari Exp. (15:45), Netravati Exp. (11:40), Bangalore : Kanyakumari Exp. (22:00) and Chennai : Dnh Allp Exp. (3:50), Tata Allp Exp. (3:50), Trivandrum Mail (20:00), Alleppey Exp. (21:15), Ms Guruvayur Exp. (7:25).

By Road : To reach the place from Kochi, take the NH49 to Munnar from where a state road leads to the Eravikulam National Park. Alternately to access the park from Coimbatore, take the NH209 to Udumalpet via Pollachi. From here, follow the state road to Eravikulam via Amaravathy.

Distances from Major Cities
Munnar : 15 km (N)
Kochi : 155 km (NE)/4.5 hrs.
Coimbatore :148 km (S)
Aluva : 126 km/4 hrs.

Travel Tips/Important Information
  • The park receives plenty of rainfall and the tourists should be prepared for rainfall any time of the day.
  • Entry tickets can be purchased from the Rajamallay checkpost, about 5 km from the main road.
  • After purchasing the tickets, the visitors can walk along the road till the core area, where tourist entry is not permitted.
  • Some of the park charges include Entry fee : Rs. 15 (Indians) & Rs. 200 (foreigners), Vehicle entry : Rs. 200 (heavy vehicles), Rs. 50 (light vehicles) & Rs. 25 (other vehicles), Camera : Rs. 25 (still) & Rs. 200 (video)
  • Avoid littering in the place, especially non biodegradable material like polythene bags, which can even lead to the death of animals.

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